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Guest Operating System Download

The easiest way to get up and running with EsiObjects is to download and use the Virtual Machine Guest OS. EsiObjects is already installed. Additionally, the Guest OS contains installed Computer Based Instruction packages and Student Guides. It also contains all Lecture Workshop course Student Guides.

Click here to go to the instructions page for downloading and installing.

Manual Downloads

If you want to install each package individually, follow the instructions below.

The EsiObjects project client and server kits are hosted on SourceForge.


EsiObjects is a layered product. It requires an underlying MUMPS system to run. If you do not have a MUMPS system installed you must download it before downloading EsiObjects. EsiObjects is currently supported on the following MUMPS systems.


Caché is a proprietary product of InterSystems Corporation. However, you may download a single user version of Caché for free. The free version runs on Windows and Linux. To purchase a license for other Cache products, or support, please contact InterSystems.


GT.M for Linux is an Open Source product of Fidelity Information Systems. GT.M for Linux is available for download from SourceForge. The free version of GT.M runs only on Linux. To purchase a license for other GT.M products, or support, please contact Fidelity.


EsiObjects is an object oriented development and runtime environment. It consists of a client GUI kit and server side kits for the Cache and GT.M MUMPS systems. It is available for download from SourceForge.

Optional Packages

There are several other packages that you may find useful. The packages are listed below with a short description. Select the link to the package you want to download.

  • EsiQuery is an implementation of the Object Data Management Groups (ODMG) Object Query Language. It is an add-on package that permits SQL like queries.
  • EsiDoc is an abstract document management package. It is capable of storing different documents. Currently, it supports XML documents.
  • EsiParser contains a set of java files that implement EsiObjects code generation classes for ANTLR. ANTLR (Another Tool for Language Recognition) is a parser and translator generator that is available through an Open Source License.
  • EsiORB is an implementation of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). It consists of the communications only. Services have not been implemented.
  • EsiProxy is designed to handle incoming (client) TCP connections and makes appropriate server side connections. Its purpose is to provide better support for making and establishing connections to an EsiObjects session or an EsiORB CORBA connection by hiding underlying shortcomings of the host MUMPS system.
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